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about bolec electronics

40+ years of developing engine protection electronics and more

Bolec Electronics designs, manufactures and distributes electronic control modules, monitoring systems, instrumentation and auto-start systems for diesel and gasoline engines used in the agricultural, commercial vehicle, industrial and mining industries.

Founded in 1978, Bolec Electronics has developed a portfolio of over 80 products and a reputation for making things that survive and thrive in some of Australia’s harshest work environments.

Bolec Electronics, through its Diesel Control Services division, makes heavy-duty battery chargers for the building industry.

Bolec Electronics manufactures heavy-duty adjustable clamps used in the RV and refrigeration industries.

Bolec Electronics is a supplier to some of the world’s largest OEMs and Tier 1 parts manufacturers, and also distributes other high-quality brands such as VDO, ISGUS, Murphy and Powerite.