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DCS968, wiring harness and thermostud kit

The DCS 968 series Auto start Controller is designed for use in applications involving control
and safety monitoring of stationary engines. The use of the controller increases reliability and
simplifies wiring of the control panel.
The controller is made for panel mounting whilst the Indicator Module DCS 968A is made for
door mounting. The engraved label can be used as a template for drilling all holes in the front
The DCS 968 Auto start Controller is
designed to start and stop the engine
from a remote momentary, or
maintained, closing or opening
contact. The controller can be
switched on or off by the mode switch
on the Indicator Module.
Once the DCS 968 Auto start
Controller is activated it carries out all
the start and stop procedures for the
engine, and the DCS 968A Indicator
Module indicates the status of
operation and gives true first-up fault
condition in case of engine failure.

OFF – RESET In this position The DCS 968 Controller is disabled, all relays are
de-energised and any latched faults are reset.
AUTO In this position the DCS 968 Controller awaits the start signal and
controls the Engine Starting and Operating sequence after a start signal
is received.
TEST Manual Control. In this position the DCS 968 Controller will automatically
start, run and supervise control of the engine regardless of the remote
start signal.
D.C. supply: 12 V (8-17V)
24 V (18-32V)
Protected against reverse polarity connections.
Protected against supply born voltage spikes.
Frequency Sensing: Magnetic Pick-up 0.7 V – 100 V RMS
500 kΩ impedance
300 – 3000 Hz
Flywheel Alternator 30 – 300 Hz
of Starts: 2, 4, 6 or 8
Operating Temperature: -10 to +80o C
Dimensions: Control Module (PCB Only) L = 178, W = 108, D = 2.4
Control Module (PCB with base) L =185, W =135, D =46
Indicator module L = 107, H = 86

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