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Clone of Bolec BEM302 Basic Engine Protection Panel


A compact, easy to install electronic monitoring system designed for use with trucks, buses, boats,
agricultural machinery and stationary engines. The BEM302 has a total of 6 sensor inputs, 4 dedicated
inputs that can monitor the following and also 2 spare inputs.
• Spare 1
• Oil Pressure
• High engine temperature
• Spare 2 (Normally = Pump Loss of Prime)
• Alternator Failure (Belt Breakage)
• Loss Of Coolant Water

The monitor is powered by the Key switch. When turned on, the following sequence occurs:
• Output Relay ON

The output relay energises and closes its contacts. This can be used to run a fuel solenoid

Energise To Run coil.
Note: Relay contacts are rated at 12VDC 30Amps resistive maximum.
An inline 10Amp fuse should be fitted.
• Time Delay Starts
A built in time delay bypasses the sensor circuits to allow for the engine to start. All LED’s on
the front panel will flash to indicate that the timer is timing.

• Time Delay Completed

LED’s will stop flashing and providing the input sensor circuits are at ‘normal’ operation all
LED’s will remain off.
•  Sensor Fault
The Monitor gives an audible warning when any one of the six inputs has detected a fault.
Only the first fault will be indicated and held in the memory. Subsequent fault conditions will
not be registered
•  Alarm Silence
The Key Switch controls the indicator LED’s and the audible alarm, when the power is turned
off the alarm is silenced and the LED will go out. The fault conditioned is stored in the monitors memory.


eatureMurphy 09PWP12V09Bolec BEM502IRNBolec BEM502Bolec BEM302
IP ratingIP56IP56IP56IP56
Programmable timerYesYesNoNo
Auto shutdownYesYesYesYes
Fault memoryYesYesYesYes
Number of inputs6664
Number of outputs2222
Voltage range12-24V DC12-24V DC12-24V DC12-24V DC
Current rating10A10A10A10A
Dimensions (H x W x D)280 x 190 x 130 mm120 x 120 x 60 mm120 x 120 x 60 mm280 x 190 x 130 mm
PriceAround $2800$1,788$1,500$1028

Bolec Electronics

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