SC303 Sender Corrector Module 12V and 24V


** SIGNAL ** The SC303 has been designed to correct the problem that occurs when an original vehicle sender is not available to match a particular gauge and vice versa. Another example is where the level sender in an LPG tank can be used to accurately drive the original (petrol) fuel gauge in a vehicle. Or the unit could be automatically switched to read between petrol & gas. It can also ‘copy’ the signal from an existing gauge/sender combination so that the fuel level may also be observed at a different location. In this case, one sender can be used to drive three or four matching gauges. Because the unit is effectively a ‘resistance converter’ it can also be used on temperature or pressure gauges to correct where the original sender is no longer available for a gauge. A further advantage is the 8 point conversion curve built in to the unit. This allows it to be used where the resistance graph is a curve, as in large and irregular shaped fuel tanks on trucks and off-road vehicles. Setting up is extremely simple and can be done on site with almost all applications. Alternately the modules can be pre-programmed if necessary to fit a particular application.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 12 cm

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